Buying Guide/ Measurements

What Size of Bed sheet do I need?

The size of fitted or flat sheet you will require will depend upon the size of your bed. In this guide we’ve broken down the different sizes available.

  • Bunk: 2ft 6inch x 6ft 3inches (76 x 191cm)
  • Single: 3ft x 6ft 3inches (91 x 191cm)
  • Four foot / Small Double/ Three Quarter: 4ft x 6ft 3inch (122 x 191cm)
  • Double:  4ft 6 x 6ft 3inches (135 x 191cm)
  • King: 5ft x 6ft 6inches (153 x 200cm)
  • Super King: 6ft x 6ft 6inches (183 x 200cm)

When buying fitted sheets, you should take into consideration the depth of your mattress. Some modern mattresses can be particularly deep and you can find fitted sheets to cater for these. Typically, mattresses range from 6” to 15” in depth.

Duvet/Quilt Sizes

The choice of your duvet will depend upon the size of your bed. Here is a list of the different sizes available.

Single duvet: 4ft 3 inches x 6ft 5 inches (135 x 200cm)

Double duvet: 6ft 4 inches x 6ft 5 inches (200 x 200cm)

King duvet: 7ft 5 inches x 7ft 1 inch (230 x 220cm)

Super King duvet: 8ft 4 inches x 7ft 1 inch (260 x 220 cm)

How to Choose the Right Duvet  – Tog

When looking at duvets, you will notice that each has a ‘tog’ rating. This is the standard term that measures how warm a duvet is. The higher the tog, the warmer the duvet, so for example, a duvet with a tog of 4.5 will be thinner and suitable for dry season. A duvet with a tog of 15 would be much warmer, thicker and suited to the raining season. Here’s a breakdown of the togs available – these give a general guide as some people prefer to be cool in bed, others prefer to be warmer:

  • 5 tog quilts are light quilts for summer use
  • 5 tog quilts are moderately warm quilts
  • 5 tog quilts are warm quilts for winter use
  • 0 tog quilts are very warm quilts for winter use

The Difference in Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors can be used to prevent damage to your mattress. You can find them in a number of varieties from quilted and fleece to waterproof and anti-allergy


Modern waterproof mattress protectors are discreet and comfortable to sleep on. The waterproof layer acts as a barrier to allergens and also prevents your mattress getting damaged from spills and accidents such as bed wetting. They are extremely absorbent and can provide you with added peace of mind.

Quilted Waterproof

Quilted mattress protectors provide extra comfort on top of your mattress. They usually have a cosy hollow fibre filling that makes your bed feel extra luxurious. Waterproof Quilted Mattress protectors offer an extra layer of protection against spills and a layer of protection from allergens.

Towelling Waterproof

Toweling mattress protectors are made with cotton so are super absorbent. They also offer allergy protection and some are breathable, so comfortable to sleep at nights.

Some of our waterproof mattress protectors have a PVC lining, while others have a PU (polyurethane) membrane. Both act as a waterproof barrier. Those with a PVC lining are a cost effective option, while those with a PU membrane are a quieter and more comfortable option. The PU protectors are ‘crinkle-free’ – such that you wouldn’t know there was a water resistant layer there!

Measuring for Curtains

Use a metal tape measure for better accuracy and follow our guide on how to measure for curtains to get those dimensions right!

Width (all headings)

It is important to measure the whole width of a track or pole (excluding the finial).  If a window has no pole or track to measure, measure the width of the window recess and add a minimum of 6 inches (15cm) on each side to allow the curtains to rest when open.  More space may be required for heavy fabrics.

Measuring curtain length or ‘drop’ will be determined by where you’d like your drapes to end. If a track or pole is yet to be fitted it is worth allowing a minimum of 3-5 inches (8-12cm) above the window when measuring or a minimum of 3” from the ceiling and an inch from the floor.

The width is always the first measurement given, for example 46” x 54” (117cm x 137cm) means that each curtain is 46 inches (117cm) wide by 54 inches (137cm) drop.